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NH Universal Best Practices

Effective May 7, 2021, New Hampshire’s updated COVID-19 Universal Guidelines (now called Universal Best Practices) take effect but remind us that we still need to take precautions and follow the same recommendations, including:

  1. Good planning and communication to staff and consumers
  2. Vaccination against COVID-19
  3. Identifying and excluding people with symptoms of COVID-19 or risk factors for
  4. Testing people with symptoms of, or risk factors for, COVID-19
  5. Social/physical distancing
  6. Face mask use
  7. Cohorting (i.e., grouping individuals together and keeping them together)
  8. Modifying layouts and limiting group sizes
  9. Good and frequent hand hygiene
  10. Cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces and avoiding shared
  11. Increasing and improving room and building ventilation (ventilation involves
    replacing stagnant indoor air that may contain peoples’ respiratory droplets with
    new fresh outdoor air)
  12. Contract tracing, isolation, and quarantine

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