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5 Reasons to Survey Your Employees NOW!

Transformation is needed in U.S. organizations today. There is a disconnect between what businesses are doing and what employees need, combined with the reality of a long-term talent shortage. That puts you at risk of losing people — either figuratively because they are no longer engaged, or literally as they walk out the door. 

You need to know what your employees think and want before you lose them. Can you just ask them? Yes, you can and you should! But without confidentiality, you won’t obtain the depth of employee insight necessary to make the most informed decisions.

Confidential employee surveys provide your organization with:

  1. Confirmation that what you are doing and providing for employees is on point. 
  2. Data to enable appropriate conversations and actions. 
  3. Engagement with your people. They want to be included and given a voice in the organization.
  4. A call to action and catalyst for change. 
  5. A benchmark tool to measure where you are now and your progress in employee engagement and retention.

If you have a good rapport with your employees and have the time and resources, you could develop your own survey. Otherwise, give us a call! We will:

  • Use reliable, robust software,
  • Collaborate closely through survey creation, data analysis, reporting, and
  • Provide actionable recommendations based on the survey results. 

There is no more status quo. Progressive organizations are heeding the call to action. Be an employer of choice by engaging your workforce, asking for their feedback, listening to what they have to say, and making changes where appropriate.

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