About HR ROI

Our mission at HR ROI is to provide the highest quality support and service for our clients in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine through customized solutions, cost effective access, the sharing of vital knowledge, and with guidance just a phone call away.

Each member of our team is uniquely qualified to ensure that our clients are managing risks effectively, recruiting and retaining the best available talent, and compliant in critical areas. We collectively have over 85 years of experience in a variety of environments and industries from large international corporations to mid-size businesses to small offices to local non-profit social ventures.

Our belief is an effective approach to managing employees enables employers to optimize performance, shape cultures around shared outcomes, and create strategic, organizational processes.  We take pride in knowing that an investment in our services reduces stress and exposure to legal liability, empowers people, generates a greater competitive advantage, and yields a meaningful return on your investment that forms the basis of an invaluable, seamless relationship.

Our Team

Amy Cann

Founder & President


I’ve been in the HR and safety field for over 20 years and I love helping people solve their challenges and the complexity of compliance.... Read More.

Laura Sullivan

Partner & Senior Talent Consultant


I’ve been in the field of Human Resources for over 20 years and have had the great honor of working for amazing... Read More.

Marie Wolfe

Partner & Senior Consultant


I’ve worked in the Human Resources profession for over 20 years in the Seacoast Area of New Hampshire... Read More.

Debbie Zimmermann

Partner, Senior Consultant,
& Wellness Coach


Every day business leaders have the opportunity to create great experiences for their employees... Read More.

Stephen Schaefer

Partner & Senior Business Consultant


My 25 years of senior experience is based in general management, operations, sales, marketing, and strategic planning ... Read More.

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