HR ROI Consulting, LLC provides customized HR, coaching, recruiting, and training solutions using a positive, practical, approach grounded in knowledge, skills, and experience. We are a devoted, talented team of professionals, each with 20 years of experience. We love our work, and we are committed to providing the highest level of service to businesses and nonprofit organizations around New England by:

  • Helping manage risk with legal advice and counsel
  • Supporting the best possible outcomes for our clients
  • Developing a close relationship with and understanding of each client
  • Focusing on listening and open communication
  • Embracing our wide range of services and nurture our skills and talents

We know the business value of diversity, inclusion, and equity in the workplace, and the critical importance of diversity, inclusion, and equity in our society. This same philosophy continues with our clients and partners as we lead by example, encourage others, provide DEI awareness and strategies, and promote investments in learning, growth, and opportunities within organizations.

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Our Clients

From individual projects to dedicated monthly services, we pair each client with an expert on our team and provide individualized support. And even when your organization does go through challenging times, your HR ROI professional will help guide you through.

Our clients vary in employee size, revenue, geographic locations in New England, and industry, including:

  • Manufacturers
  • Airports
  • Law Firms
  • Restaurants and Retail
  • Service Providers
  • Healthcare and Dental Practices
  • Religious Organizations
  • Education/Boarding Schools
  • Florists and Nurseries
  • Marketing Agencies
  • CPA Firms
  • Staffing Agencies
  • Construction and Builders
  • Landscapers & Florists
  • Trade Associations
  • Insurance Groups
  • Entertainment Brands
  • Breweries and Dispensaries
  • Global Brands
  • Nonprofit Organizations
Testimonials from Our Clients

I just want to let you know the support and work we have received from Gayle has been phenomenal, she is an amazing asset to your organization and ours!

~Executive Director, NH Nonprofit Organization

Mark is particularly skilled at breaking concepts down into smaller pieces that are easier to follow/comprehend and then he guides everyone to the larger picture at the end. He was prepared every day of our Behavioral Interviewing training sessions, engaging, easy to talk to/personable, and incredibly experienced/knowledgeable. I found the examples of each competency very helpful and that we went through multiple sample questions per a competency to ensure comprehension. Highly recommend.

~ Attendee, University of New Hampshire Professional Development Program

Thanks for all your insight, Irene. You have been an invaluable source of knowledge and direction.

~Manager and Coachee Client, Multinational Manufacturer

May I take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the quality and professionalism of Gayle and Theresa.  I am eternally grateful for them, their friendship, their personalities, and of course their professionalism. Gayle and I worked on several requested projects to include FMLA policy drafts, benchmarking, and of course, recruiting for my HR Team.  I was brand new with the company and learned a great deal while working with Gayle.   She was supportive, kind, and flexible with her time.  It is so nice to have real professionals assist with HR strategies and recommendations.  We emailed at least twice a week and met weekly.  I looked forward to those meetings as I transitioned into the organization and filling our staffing needs.   We had several changes around talent, skill set, education, and salaries.  Gayle and Theresa helped us determine what we truly needed each time.  They were spot on every time.   My goal was to fill the positions by the July 16, 2021.   I filled them with 2 weeks and 3 days to spare.  This affords me more time to ramp up the onboarding so that they will help us deliver the next chapter of HR for our customers.  I hope to have other projects in the future that I can call on your company and Gayle to assist with.  In the meantime, I will stay in touch with them both, especially Gayle.  Thank you for what you provided us.   You, Gayle, and Theresa are true partners.

~Al Bailey, Director of Human Resources

“Everyone at HR ROI has been exceptional to work with including David and Amy. Being partnered with HR ROI provides our company human resources insights, perspective, knowledge, and general support to assist with hiring, employee turnover, employee relations, employee development, and beyond. I would highly recommend working with the team at HR ROI, they are an excellent organization.”

~Carl Michelakos, Chief Administrative Officer

Amy is super responsive and a pleasure to work with. She’s always on top of things and REALLY knows her stuff. Businesses of all sizes will benefit significantly from a relationship with Amy and will find themselves with a trusted partner who cares about your business and employees like they are her own.  

~ Jen Hazell, Marketing Agency Partner

We’ve been very fortunate that for 13+ years we’ve grown our sales every year. The areas of Purchasing, Operations, Financials, Sales & Marketing have come naturally. The hardest part of running our business has been in the areas of Human Resources and compliance with government agencies. Between our General Manager and myself, we did not have the background to properly manage these areas. It was time to find some help. As a small business, we are not big enough to have an HR Department nor a Safety & Compliance Director. We brought Amy Cann on board as a consultant, and immediately gained the benefits of her expertise and guidance. I’m really happy to say that she has put us on the right track and now we have her services on a monthly retainer. I can’t say enough about the peace of mind that this has brought. It has allowed us to efficiently do the right things the right way and still allow us to keep growing our business. If you find that you are in a similar situation I highly recommend that you give Amy a call.  

~ Tom Kunysz, Supply Company Owner

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Amy Cann and HR ROI! Amy exudes professionalism, compassion, and gives effective solutions to our HR challenges. I have a dental office and about 15 employees, and she has worked with us to update our employee manual, as well as provide on-site visits to assist us with HR-related improvements. If you have a small business and want to create a more positive, professional environment for your employees, I highly suggest working with Amy from HR ROI!  

~ Dr. Elizabeth DiBona, Practice Owner

I highly recommend Deb Zimmerman of HR ROI in Portsmouth, NH.  Not only did Deb create and administer an engagement survey for GAA, but she also presented the results in a way that made a real connection to how the feedback impacts individuals and the company as a whole. After the survey was completed, Deb facilitated employee focus groups and guided their work in crafting recommendations based on the survey feedback.  Deb brought not only expertise but warm professionalism that helped her quickly gain the trust and appreciation of the team.”  

~ Belinda Braley, Non-Profit Organization HR Director

Amy has been the instructor for several classes I have taken. She is wonderful, she is always willing to share resources and answer all questions. She has a great way of connecting with people and keeping everyone engaged. I feel she goes above and beyond to help in any way. Thank you, Amy!

~ Hannah Contella, Director of Administration and Human Resources

We consult with HR ROI for Human Resource issues. Amy is always very responsive and gives our small company great advice. HR ROI also offers timely workshops on recruiting and HR questions. I highly recommend them!

~ Karen M. Allen, Office Administrator

We have used HR ROI for an on site training for our staff and also attended one of their seminars. They are knowledgeable, helpful and a wealth of information. Would highly recommend!

~ Nicole Holton, Office Manager

Members of our company’s safety committee joined a webinar for Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment. We enjoyed Amy’s presentation, she kept the audience engaged and I think that kept the whole learning experience positive, as we were able to share our own experiences and thoughts and bounce these off her. Copies of training materials were sent along to us after the webinar and we will make good use of them. Thank you!

~ Fran Baldowski, Administrator

Our Team

Gayle O’Connor | Director of Client Services & HR Consultant

Gayle excels at leading HR transformation through program development and project management, solving HR challenges with practical business solutions, and advancing strategic goals and initiatives for organizations. She has a BS in Business, a graduate certificate in Personnel and Industrial Relations, and is certified as a Talent Optimization Consultant, Senior HR Professional, and Project Management Professional.

Gayle oversees our client services and also leads our Nonprofit Program, including facilitating our monthly peer-to-peer sessions..

Dave Sponenberg | General Manager

Prior to obtaining his MBA and Master’s of Accounting from Northeastern University, Dave ran a small manufacturing business in upstate New York. After graduate school, he’s served as a General Manager, CFO, and COO, managing all accounting functions, human resources, and IT over the years. Dave takes a people-centered approach with all of his clients, understanding the delicate balance between people, profits and, planet. 

Dave oversees our operational processes and he also operates Cider Mill Consulting serving clients in professional services firms, nonprofits, manufacturing, retail and consumer services, and more.

Irene Dickinson, MSOL | Coach & Educator

Irene knows the importance of focusing on people. She enjoys working closely with individuals to develop strategies and organizations to assess their needs, values, coaching, training, and development programs. Irene has a Master’s in Organization and Management and has educated and coached thousands of people over the past twenty-plus years, including new managers, HR professionals, and struggling leaders.

In addition to being a coach, her experience includes creating HR initiatives, developing teams, and designing training programs within organizations.

Daniela O’Neill | Coach & Educator

Peers and partners describe Daniela as a positive, passionate, productive, and professional people person. As a coach, Daniela empowers, energizes, and encourages her clients to make their way forward in life and their careers through her strength-focused, candid, and caring approach.  She has an undergraduate and graduate degree from Boston College.

Daniela is a trained mediator, DISC facilitator, Flow Coach and is currently pursuing International Coach Federation (ICF) accreditation as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC.)  

Tonya Rochette, MBA | Organizational & HR Strategist

Tonya has years of experience in the Human Resources field, shaped by thriving in vastly different organizations throughout consulting for more than twelve years and working in-house for large US-based manufacturing and supply chain, big-box retail, distribution, and global manufacturing.

She has a MBA from the University of New Hampshire with an undergraduate degree in Psychology, Management, and Labor Relations. Tonya is also a long-term business and community advocate.

Dr. Mark Vrooman, D.A., | Consultant & Educator

Mark’s HR career includes working for the federal government, including the US Department of Labor as a Regional Administrator overseeing Human Resources, Administrative Services, Information Technology, Safety and Emergency Preparedness, and for the US Postal Service as an EEO Complaints Manager and HR Manager. Mark earned a Doctorate in Leadership through his research on the leadership impact of bullying in the workplace.

He is an Air Force veteran with labor relations experience and has years of educating students, HR, teams, and managers.

Interested in joining our team, becoming a guest speaker, partnering with us, or seeking a new career opportunity?