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What kind of services do you provide?

Our experienced team covers all aspects of Human Resources, including employee relations problems, conflicts, investigations, performance challenges, recruiting and onboarding, compensation analysis, employee handbooks and safety manuals, 1-on-1 coaching, training and development, and legal audits for wage and hour issues, leave laws, and general anti-discrimination compliance.

We also enjoy working with our peers in busy HR departments who need to supplement their department with outside resources, including recruiting, coaching, conflict resolution, and training services. Note that we only work with employers, not individuals. Please visit our Services page to learn more about our practice areas.

What types of organizations work with HR ROI Consulting?

We work with for-profit and nonprofit organizations, small local businesses, in-house professionals, and large national employers. The organizations that use our services are broad in scope and include various focus areas. Here is an overview of our client profiles.

Who are your clients?

1) Owners, executives, boards, and managers that don’t have a dedicated HR staff and need to outsource the HR function, require a compliance audit, are start-ups, or who need an HR professional when questions and concerns arise from time to time about performance, discipline, FMLA, complaints, and other legal issues.

2) HR departments and law firms that need HR support with a project or client who require an independent investigation. We also commonly work as coaches, trainers, and recruiters, or HR consultants performing employee surveys or 360-degree projects.

3) Start-ups and entrepreneurs and organizations like the NH Center for Nonprofits, GoodWork, our local Chambers of Commerce, and other related governmental and news organizations. We are always ready to support our communities, so please contact us to discuss any partnership opportunities.

How do I initially engage with HR ROI to learn more?

You can call us at 603.766.4906, book a consultation now, or message us to schedule a complimentary, confidential consultation. We are happy to discuss our services, fee options, and find the right solution for your organization.

What can I expect during a complimentary consultation? Is there anything I should prepare?

We’ll ask lots of questions to learn more about your company and explain our services to ensure you gain insight and are matched with the right professional(s) on our team. An online proposal will be created and sent to your designated contact(s). If you choose to work with our firm, we’ll schedule the first steps at a mutually convenient time and get started.

What kind of client engagement options are available? 

Yes, we provide customized solutions based on organizational needs and the service. Some clients need a knowledgeable consultant available whenever HR questions arise and pay an hourly rate. Others prefer or require more regular, dedicated support and opt for a budgeted monthly retainer. A one-time project fee is generally more appropriate for compensation projects, employee surveys, and handbooks. Training, development, and coaching services are usually a tiered approach with discounts for multiple sessions and events. Our professional recruiting services are typically a retained service fee structure, but there are also hourly, budgeted options.

What is the cost of your services?

We engage with our clients based on several factors, including the service(s), organizational size, for-profit or nonprofit status, geographical location(s), the complexity of the assignment, and the expertise required. Our rates are competitive and range from hourly to project to monthly retainer options. Nonprofits are always discounted, but we deliver outstanding HR services to all clients regardless of the fee structure.