Vaccine Mandate News

No unemployment checks for health workers who refuse vaccine in Maine By DAVID SHARP, AP News, October 14, 2021 PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — There will be no state unemployment benefits for health care workers who are fired for refusing to get employer-mandated vaccinations against COVID-19, state officials said Thursday. Already, a small number of workersContinue reading “Vaccine Mandate News”

If the Great Resignation is Coming, What Can You Do?

The Great Resignation movement is a source of much discussion among workers, recruiters, organizational experts, worried employers, and anyone who likes drama. . Just search LinkedIn for #great resignation, flick through TikTok, jump into a Reddit forum, or do a quick Google search. There is much hype, but where there is smoke, there is fire.

Leadership and Accountability

This EEOC checklist focuses on awareness and purposeful prevention of workplace harassment. How is your organization doing? The first step is to establish a culture of respect in which harassment is not tolerated. Check the box if the leadership of your organization has taken the following steps: ▢ Leadership has allocated sufficient resources for a harassment preventionContinue reading “Leadership and Accountability”

5 Employer Steps When Your Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19

Guidance for New Hampshire BusinessesKey Steps for Investigating and Reporting COVID-19 Cases and Exposures NH Department of Health and Human Services encourages use of the NH Universal Best Practices. Remember that employee health information shared with their employer should be kept private. Visit the NH DHHS website to review their June 17, 2021, guidance here:Continue reading “5 Employer Steps When Your Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19”

New NH Universal Best Practices

Effective May 7, 2021, New Hampshire’s updated COVID-19 Universal Guidelines (now called Universal Best Practices) take effect but remind us that we still need to take precautions and follow the same recommendations, including: Good planning and communication to staff and consumers Vaccination against COVID-19 Identifying and excluding people with symptoms of COVID-19 or risk factorsContinue reading “New NH Universal Best Practices”

Social Media Guidelines for Employers

Legal decisions have shown that employers need a social media policy widely communicated to their employees to ensure clear expectations around appropriate social media content during work hours and off-the-clock.  A clear policy can reinforce discipline and termination decisions by employers as well as protect employers from other liability, such as FTC endorsement violations. The followingContinue reading “Social Media Guidelines for Employers”

Voluntary FFCRA Benefit & Tax Credits

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 has extended the tax credits available to employers with fewer than 500 employees under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) through September 30, 2021.  This continues to be a voluntary choice for employers to adopt – or not – in 2021. There are a few expansions noted below and there isContinue reading “Voluntary FFCRA Benefit & Tax Credits”

COBRA Subsidy & More: American Rescue Plan of 2021

Big news for individuals that lost employer health insurance. Effective April 1st, all group health plans subject to COBRA, except health flexible spending accounts (FSA), must provide 100% subsidized coverage, which the employer may recover by claiming a credit against its quarterly Medicare payroll tax liability. The credit can be advanced and is refundable, meaning theContinue reading “COBRA Subsidy & More: American Rescue Plan of 2021”

Critical Elements of Safety Programs

Every year at work, hundreds of workers are killed, thousands are severely injured, and tens of thousands suffer some form of injury or illness that disrupts their lives while employers pay millions in fines and increased workers’ compensation costs. And that is just the direct impact of ineffective safety programs. Indirect negative impact on employeeContinue reading “Critical Elements of Safety Programs”

Nonprofit HR Peer-to-Peer Group

In conjunction with our recent comprehensive nonprofit survey, we are also launching a monthly peer-to-peer HR-focused group for non-profit organizations. The goal is to add value through discussions common to nonprofits and work as a group to create solutions and share resources. Signup below to receive an invitation to the upcoming schedule. Please reach outContinue reading “Nonprofit HR Peer-to-Peer Group”