If the Great Resignation is Coming, What Can You Do?

The Great Resignation movement is a source of much discussion among workers, recruiters, organizational experts, worried employers, and anyone who likes drama. . Just search LinkedIn for #great resignation, flick through TikTok, jump into a Reddit forum, or do a quick Google search. There is much hype, but where there is smoke, there is fire.

Nonprofit HR Peer-to-Peer Group

In conjunction with our recent comprehensive nonprofit survey, we are also launching a monthly peer-to-peer HR-focused group for non-profit organizations. The goal is to add value through discussions common to nonprofits and work as a group to create solutions and share resources. Signup below to receive an invitation to the upcoming schedule. Please reach outContinue reading “Nonprofit HR Peer-to-Peer Group”

2021 HR Considerations

If you missed our January 8th webinar on HR Considerations for 2021, please review our attached presentation below. The theme for 2021 is to become an intentional people-focused organization with your actions and strategies around a more personal candidate experience, an organizational personality, communications, leadership, support, EAPs, creative wellness programs, and benefits that address theContinue reading “2021 HR Considerations”

What to Do When an Employee Starts Crying in a Disciplinary Meeting

It is uncomfortable to see a person cry, especially if something we said or did was the catalyst.  For this reason, many managers will delay difficult conversations to avoid the potential for conflict and any related emotions. However, rarely will avoidance resolve the issue. Early invention is the key to more effective constructive feedback andContinue reading “What to Do When an Employee Starts Crying in a Disciplinary Meeting”

End of the Road: Termination

Deciding to terminate someone‚Äôs employment under any circumstances is complicated. The risk means employers must be thoughtful, fair-minded, and strategic. Termination on-the-spot without any investigation, conversation, or prior discipline often backfires. If the misconduct is severe, opt to suspend the employee pending an investigation, and carefully review all the evidence first. Make sure the organizationContinue reading “End of the Road: Termination”