Nonprofit Support

Nonprofit Support

Nonprofit organizations are essential to our society’s infrastructure and the many important causes in our communities that depend on their services. However, they must also manage legal risk, navigate wage and hour laws, EEOC, ADA, and antidiscrimination laws, anti-harassment claims, workers’ compensation cases, and employee relations and performance challenges.

We’ve been supporting nonprofits and their critical missions since 2017 with discounted services and dedicated programming aimed at strengthening their success. We are also a corporate sponsor for the NH Center for Nonprofits. Our team is dedicated to providing our experience and knowledge and doing our part to help. We work with nonprofit HR and office professionals who need additional resources and support, and with nonprofit leaders and boards of directors who recognize the vital role talent and culture play in achieving their long-term objectives.

Join Our Nonprofit Peer-to-Peer Group

Monthly meetings, 8am to 9am, via Zoom

Our group, facilitated by our Director of Client Services and Nonprofit Director, Gayle O’Connor, discusses a new topic with various speakers and expert guests each month. All nonprofit organizations, regardless of size are welcome, and are provided at no cost, in support of our vital social sector. We are dedicated to education on a wide range of topics from handbooks and job descriptions to understanding state government and nonprofit law and everything in between.

We’re kicking off the start of the new year with a review of Common Wage & Hour Violations for New Hampshire Employers. Please join us on January 24th at 8am. as Gayle O’Connor, HR ROI’s Director of Client Services, reminds participants of the compliance requirements that trip up many employers in the state. You will gain greater awareness and be provided resources to assist you to stay violation free in 2023!

Karen Morton-Clark, Recovery Friendly Advisor for the Governor’s Recovery Friendly Workplace (RFW) Initiative will be presenting on February 21st at 8am. In this session, she will share an overview of the RFW initiative and the benefits of developing an overall culture of recovery and wellness, including strategies to remove stigma. She will give examples of workplace Champions who have visible and accessible pathways for employees who need help and flexibility for customization within their approach. This will include a discussion on how these Champions empower employees to prioritize themselves and talk about their overall wellbeing, specifically their mental health and recovery, as easily as they might discuss a broken arm. She will also highlight examples of the ROI seen by Champions who have developed a recovery culture of wellness, such as higher productivity and profitability, lower turnover, fewer safety incidents, and improved morale and job satisfaction.

If you aren’t already a member, please click below to join now!

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