Nonprofit Support

Nonprofit Support

We’ve been supporting nonprofits and their critical missions since 2017 with discounted services and dedicated programming aimed at strengthening their success. We are also corporate sponsors for the NH Center for Nonprofits and The Center for Wildlife in Cape Neddick, Maine.

Nonprofit organizations are essential to our society’s infrastructure and the many important causes in our communities that depend on their services. Our team is dedicated to providing our experience and knowledge and doing our part to help.

We work with nonprofit HR and office professionals who need additional resources and support, and with nonprofit leaders and boards of directors who recognize the vital role talent and culture play in achieving their long-term objectives.

Nonprofit Peer-to-Peer Group

3rd Tuesday Each Month, 8am to 9am, via Zoom

Our group, facilitated by our Senior Partner and Nonprofit Leader, Gayle O’Connor, discusses a new topic with various speakers and expert guests each month. All nonprofit organizations, regardless of size are welcome, and there is never a cost nor an obligation to participate.

We are dedicated to education on a wide range of topics from handbooks and job descriptions to understanding state government and nonprofit law and everything in between.

Establishing Professional Boundaries for Nonprofits

September 30, 2022, 10:00am to 11:30am, via Zoom

This interactive workshop is designed to help individuals develop or strengthen their professional boundaries in the nonprofit field. We’ll focus learning on the following: 

  • Defining the borders that mark the edges between a professional and personal relationship.
  • Discussing the five professional boundaries types: client focus, self-disclosure, dual relationships, working within your competence, and looking after self. 
  • Setting and maintaining professional boundaries by effectively communicating and learning to say “no.”
  • Identifying boundaries in the virtual workspace.

This workshop is led by our Senior Partner, Dr. Mark Vrooman. He has spent years in government and nonprofit service, focusing on leadership, employee relations, and the creation of healthy workplaces. This workshop is $25 per person with our nonprofit discount.

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