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Managers have the daunting pressure of being responsible for a multitude of duties. Training and development, innovation, morale, metrics/reporting, and employee performance, to name a few. Let’s take a minute to give managers a hand, can we? It’s tough work and many times, thankless. I can personally attest to the fact that there is nothing more gut wrenching than having an employee that isn’t meeting expectations. You see one thing, then another, and then something’s mentioned in confidence to you that aligns with what you’re seeing. Diagnosis: performance problem. During my years in HR I had managers seeking guidance regarding performance concerns on a pretty regular basis. My response was to listen, ask defining questions to fully understand the situation, then ask what their plan is to get the employee back on track.  I was often met with a shrugging of shoulders and an, “I don’t know, that’s why I’m here” response. Fair. I
The answer to that question is, probably not. You want to see the fish in their natural environment. How do they swim, do they interact with other fish, how do they search for food? This isn’t about fish, but the idea of conducting part of the interview within the environment the employee is going to work, is often overlooked by HR and hiring managers.   I once had a position where I was responsible for hiring custodians to clean dormitories at a residential high school. The custodians would be assigned to one dorm and serve as the point person for the overall day to day operation of the building. The custodians saw the same students, day after day, got to know them, the dorm faculty, and, many became an integral part of the dorm culture.   Quiz – what’s most important for this hire? A. Rock star custodian with an eye for detail and solid work ethic B. Motivated candidate that enjoys being around teenagers and is enthusiastic about being part of a dorm family