Our Services

Our Services

As one of the most respected Human Resources consulting firms in New England, we bring practical solutions, resources, and strategies to our clients so you can focus on your organization and peace of mind. And as a woman-owned firm, we know the business value and critical importance of diversity, inclusion, and equity in our society. 

Our commitment is to work with the most talented Human Resources professionals with the passion, determination, work ethic, and resourcefulness to support our clients and partners as we lead by example, encourage others, and promote investments in learning, growth, and opportunities within organizations.

HR Consulting and Outsourcing

Worried about what you don’t know and how it could hurt you? Experiencing performance, morale, or other organizational issues? Or do you need extra resources on your HR Team? We provide a wide range of HR and organizational support.

We also serve as a 24/7 complaint hotline for employees for a number of organizations who want to ensure prompt response and investigation.

Organizational Consulting

Every organization has challenges and, at times, may need help shifting culture and strategy and developing an aligned leadership team. Transparency and objective metrics can provide insight on how to approach change.

Organizational assessments and 360-degree feedback processes can supply understanding about relationships, breaks in operations, disconnects in DEI and inclusion, and clarify how to improve overall performance. Our findings and recommendations can assist you in initiating positive changes to your organization and culture.

Compensation and Benefits Analysis

As your organization grows, you need a structured, equitable, and scalable method of paying your employees. Our compensation experts can help you implement and design a compensation plan to create the proper incentives for employee behavior.

We advise on market pay, pay grades, salary ranges, and recommended current pay rates for your job categories. Our partner, The Richards Group, can also provide benefits benchmarking and recommendations.

Conflicts, Complaints, and Investigations

Addressing conflict while minimizing the negativity in the workplace through clear communication, shared understanding, and alignment of interests and goals is critical. We also have two certified mediators on staff to address conflicts and find resolutions outside the legal system.

Workplace complaints need an experienced, impartial party to immediately investigate to protect your employees, stakeholders, and organization. Our investigations belong to the Association of Workplace Investigators (AWI) and participate in ongoing learning events.

Leadership Coaching

Do you have high potential employees who need professional support to develop or improve their leadership or teamwork skills? Would you like guidance in strengthening your leadership style? Do you have teams that need to become more cohesive? Would you like to guide your leaders to foster inclusivity and belonging for all?

Your coach will provide resources to sustain focused learning and development for short and long-term personal and professional goals.


Our experienced recruiters will partner with you from start to finish to find and onboard the best candidates for your organization through creating a job description and posting to screening, interviewing, selection, salary negotiation, and assistance in onboarding.

We also provide behavioral interviewing and legal interviewing training, interviewing questions, reference checks, and comprehensive background checks with our partner, Safer Places.

The Predictive Index

Our certified PI team members focus on helping organizations align their leadership, teams, and culture to their business strategy. By using The Predictive Index software and our knowledge, we can leverage the best talent optimization tools to help organizations hire the right people, manage and inspire them to achieve maximum business results as fast as possible.

Most industries are facing similar cultural challenges due to rapidly developing technology, a shortage of skilled workers, and evolving leadership roles.

Training and Development

Investing in knowledge and development is critical in every organization. Our experienced, engaging educators collectively cover dozens of subjects such as leadership development, respectful workplaces, conflict resolution, communications and teamwork, employment law, DEI programs, and much more.

We are able to provide entirely customizable client training at our client’s locations throughout the United States, at our Pease Tradeport location, or via Zoom.