Compensation and Benefits Analysis

Compensation & Benefits Analysis

Attracting, hiring, and retaining the best candidates is no easy feat. Today’s most qualified professionals are searching for exceptional workplace culture and life balance as well as competitive compensation and benefits packages. They want clearly-defined job expectations with an employer that values their contributions. With job market trends constantly shifting, you need to ensure your organization is staying ahead of the curve and your competitors. 

Our compensation team members provide thorough compensation analyses, encompassing industry standards, your organizational compensation philosopy, position reviews, and current salary and benefit offerings to find ways to set your organization apart. We will partner with you to determine if a subscription program will best serve your needs or we may decide a less costly organic compensation study is most appropriate. Benchmarking benefits data is also available through our trusted partners.

Our Services

  • Job analysis, descriptions, and pay grades
  • Compensation data and market benchmarking
  • Executive compensation plans and bonus structures
  • Benefits review, benchmarking, and recommendations with our partners, The Richards Group
  • Compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and equal pay laws
  • Confidential employee surveys and focus groups

Benefits to Expect


Make your organization desirable when it comes to compensation and employee benefits to attract and retain high-quality hires.


Ensure your organization is compliant with state and federal regulations regarding benefits, salaries, and job classifications.


Keep your team focused, engaged, and motivated with accurate job descriptions and role clarification processes.