Conflicts, Complaints, and Investigations

Conflicts, Complaints, & Investigation

Conflicts are part of life and the workplace and can be beneficial in the right circumstances – driving critical thinking and innovation. Our trained professionals will work closely to help your team and organization develop the skills and confidence to address conflicts and redirect them in a healthy manner between individuals, teams, and departments. 

For complaints and investigation needs, HR ROI provides experienced, trained investigators with law backgrounds who will handle your most serious workplace issues and problems with care. We also have two trained mediators on our staff to provide a collaborative resolution for all stakeholders. We’ll work together to keep all parties safe and minimize disruption to your operations.

Protect your employees and your organization. We know traditional hours don’t work for emergencies. We provide 24/7 HR Response for urgent matters such as employee complaints and investigations. Call us at 603.766.4906, and your request will be sent to an experienced professional on our team.

We also serve as an employee hotline for organizations with the option of providing an anonymous reporting method. An anonymous hotline removes many obstacles to reporting inappropriate behavior and gives employees, suppliers, and vendors the ability to raise genuine concerns about illegal or unethical behavior.

Our Resolution and Investigation Services

  • 24/7/365 services for urgent situations
  • Interim protection guidance
  • Investigation plan development
  • Interview question development
  • Employee interviews and information gathering
  • Investigation determination and recommendations
  • Written summary investigation results
  • Certified mediators to address solutions and bring parties together

Benefits to Expect


Partner with an experienced neutral expert who will investigate objectively on an emergency basis offsite or onsite at your location.


Rest assured that we will use the utmost discretion by keeping interviews and records as confidential as possible.

Attention to Detail

We establish a plan for each investigation to ensure nothing is missed, all involved parties are interviewed, a written report is created, and recommendations are provided.