As one of the most respected Human Resources consulting firms in New England, we bring practical solutions, resources, and strategies to our clients so you can focus on your organization and peace of mind.

As a woman-owned and managed firm, we know the business value of diversity, inclusion, and equity in the workplace, and the critical importance of diversity, inclusion, and equity in our society.  Our commitment is to work with the best Human Resources professionals with the passion, determination, work ethic, and resourcefulnessto best support our clients and partners as we lead by example, encourage others, and promote investments in learning, growth, and opportunities within organizations.

Human Resources Consulting

HR team and client meeting

Worried about what you don’t know and how it could hurt you? Experiencing performance, morale, or other organizational issues? Or do you need extra resources on your HR Team? We provide a wide range of HR and organizational services. HR ROI Consulting offers Emergency HR Services when you need an HR professional about a question, problem, or unique situation. We are available 24/7/365. Call us at (603) 766.4906 and speak to a live person.

Training and Development

Investing in knowledge and development is critical in every organization. Our experienced educators collectively cover dozens of subjects from communications and teamwork to employment law to developing diversity programs and much more. We provide entirely customizable client training at our client’s location, our Pease Tradeport location, or via Zoom.

Compensation Analysis

If you are having trouble finding or keeping good employees, concerned about pay equity, or ready for a formal pay structure, our compensation experts can help. Our services include executive compensation, profit sharing and bonus plans, benefits benchmarking, and retirement plan options (in collaboration with our qualified partners).

Leadership Coaching

Do you have high potential employees who need professional support to develop or improve their leadership or teamwork skills? Would you like guidance in strengthening your leadership style? Do you have teams that need to become more cohesive? One of our qualified coaches is always available to support the needs of each client.

Organizational Consulting

Every organization has challenges, conflicts, obstacles, and setbacks to overcome throughout its lifecycle, regardless of industry. In reality, many organizations need help down that path of objectiveness, shifting strategy, redesign, and change and benefit from a comprehensive assessment with root cause analysis and recommendations.

Workplace Complaints

Workplace complaints need an experienced neutral party to immediately investigate to protect your employees, stakeholders, and organization. We offer Emergency HR Services seven days per week. HR ROI also has two certified mediators on our team to address conflicts and find resolutions outside the legal system.

Our experienced HR professionals will partner with you to find the best candidates for your organization with our expert guidance through the entire process of crafting the job posting to interviewing and selection to assistance in onboarding. We also offer background checks in collaboration with Safer Places, for professional service.