Workplace Complaints

Workplace Complaints

Protect Your Employees, Stakeholders & Organization

When a workplace conflict or complaint arises, you need to act swiftly to either resolve or investigate the matter. This requires confidentiality and a thorough investigation plan that protects your employees, stakeholders, and company. For managers and leaders, this process can be like walking a tightrope—which is why it’s often best to bring in a third party who can offer an unbiased perspective.

HR ROI provides trained mediators who will handle your most serious and delicate workplace problems with care. We’ll work together to keep all parties safe with as little disruption to your operations as possible.

What to Expect


Partner with an experienced neutral HR expert who will investigate objectively on an emergency basis offsite or onsite at your location.


Rest assured that we will use the utmost discretion by keeping interviews and records as confidential as possible.

Attention to Detail

We establish a plan for each investigation to ensure nothing is missed, all involved parties are interviewed, and a clear outcome is achieved.

Workplace Investigations and Mediation Options

  • Emergency service
  • Interim protection guidance
  • Investigation plan development
  • Interview question development
  • Employee interviews and information gathering
  • Investigation determination and recommendations
  • Written summary investigation results
  • Professional trained mediator to address solutions and bring parties together