Customized Training Workshops


When you invest in your employees, you are investing in your organization through legal compliance, continuous improvement, and leadership development. Our customized training and development workshops are engaging, hands-on for active learning, and based on your organization’s needs and challenges for the most effective return on your investment.

We understand you are busy, so we offer a flexible schedule at your location or our Pease Tradeport office with a capacity of up to 60 people. Sessions can range from one hour to an entire day, and include evenings and weekends, depending on your needs, time, and budget. We’ll develop a plan for customized, interactive workshops to engage and educate your workforce based on your current challenges and strategy.

What are your training and continuous improvement needs?


Compliance-Focused Workshops

Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

  • Benefits of maintaining a respectful and inclusive environment, current legal landscape and risks around discrimination, harmful effects of exclusion aside from legal risks, cultural development that mirrors the values of your organization, and key leadership roles and well-communicated policies

Employment Law Fundamentals

  • Federal and state law review with current legal landscape, real case analysis, root cause, and corrective actions, key leadership roles, and well-communicated policies, and prevention strategies and risk management based on your industry

Harassment-Free Workplace for Employees

  • 5 Ws of Harassment (What, where, who, why, and when), actual case examples and impacts of sexual harassment and other forms of harassment, including disability, race, age, and retaliation-based, employee rights and responsibilities, and complaint and investigation processes

Harassment-Free Workplace for Supervisors

  • An expansion of the above training components, current legal landscape and risks, including employer financial impacts, employer challenges and key leadership roles, and complaint and investigation procedures, including why employees may be reluctant to file claims

Managing Workers’ Compensation

  • Legal causation and medical causation, reporting procedures and forms, types of benefits and employer obligations, and real case examples and application

OSHA & DOL Health and Safety Regulations

  • Management training on OSHA and state DOL safety regulations, development and implementation of comprehensive programs, employee education and training to support worker safety, and proactive internal audits to identify weaknesses and solutions

Development-Focused Workshops

Leadership Development Program

  • Beginning with an employment law overview and moving into developing the ability to positively influence teams and individuals, develop essential skills, abilities, and behaviors, learn to deal with conflict and be effective in a variety of situations, and align your own management approach with your organization’s strategy.

Conflict Resolution & Positive Conflict

  • Identification of sources of conflict and addressing conflict with confidence and using it as a positive catalyst for organizational change, leadership and team strategies, and creating a stronger culture with ongoing learning and development

Engagement & Generational Strategies

  • Multi-generational awareness, particularly Millennials, Gen Xs, and Baby Boomers, and our newest group, Gen Z, common qualities and the matching best management practices, recruiting and retention, intrapreneurship, and promoting a respectful, enjoyable work environment for all generations

Communication, Miscommunication, & Awareness

  • Hands-on self-awareness strategies, learning social awareness and active communication skills, perception, observation, and analysis of others, and learning to build trust and positive relationships

DISC Profiling for Your Managers, Sales Teams, & Staff

  • Learning your own DISC style, identification of your peers and customers DISC styles using behavioral cues, discovery of strengths and challenges, and utilization of influence and effectively communicate for maximized workplace results

Preventing a Toxic Workplace

  • Common root causes of toxic environments, prevention, early intervention, and coaching for the best performance, promoting the work-life blend, and development of a desirable culture that makes employees want to stay and grow with your organization

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  • ~ Social Environment of Business Undergraduate Student, SNHU, May 2017
    “This was my second class with this instructor- she does an amazing job. Her presentations for class are educational, helpful, and relevant!”
    ~ Social Environment of Business Undergraduate Student, SNHU, May 2017
  • ~ Organizational Behavior Graduate Student, SNHU, July 2017
    “As my Organizational Behavior graduate professor, Amy responded to our questions in a timely manner and was very thorough in her responses. She was also very supportive and receptive to inquiry.”
    ~ Organizational Behavior Graduate Student, SNHU, July 2017
  • ~ Organizational Behavior Graduate Student, SNHU, July 2017
    “I really appreciated the extra time the Professor gave us. She went out of her way to provide us guidance; it provided us with a feeling that we were worthy. I cannot express my gratitude in words, but I felt like she wanted to hear my voice. Great instructional guidance.”
    ~ Organizational Behavior Graduate Student, SNHU, July 2017
  • ~ Organizational Behavior Graduate Student, SNHU, July 2017
    “Amy was amazing. She was very helpful. She was the best instructor I have had at SNHU.”
    ~ Organizational Behavior Graduate Student, SNHU, July 2017
  • ~ Owner/Dentist, Dental Practice, July 2017
    “Thank you for helping me with my current challenges. I feel like one of my patients when they have a toothache and I’m able to fix it, just a big sense of relief.”
    ~ Owner/Dentist, Dental Practice, July 2017
  • ~ Total Rewards Graduate Student, SNHU, August 2017
    “Ms. Cann excelled at breaking down the specifics of the various components of benefits and compensation in today’s workplace. Her experience was critical in order to further my understanding of importance and volatility of Total Rewards. Well done.”
    ~ Total Rewards Graduate Student, SNHU, August 2017
  • ~ Business Consultant, August 2017
    “Amy is an experienced, competent HR Generalist with up-to-date solutions that will work well for any organization.”
    ~ Business Consultant, August 2017
  • ~ Marketing Professional, September 2017
    “Great training! Amy is highly skilled at engaging and educating participants. She has a depth of knowledge to share.”
    ~ Marketing Professional, September 2017
  • ~ Administrator, Non-Profit Organization, September 2017
    “Thanks for the great presentation this morning! I really enjoyed learning about intrapreneurship and breaking down how previous generations see the world. I’m excited to use some of these practices in my current roles.”
    ~ Administrator, Non-Profit Organization, September 2017
  • ~ Employee & Labor Relations Undergraduate Student, November 2017
    “Amy was not only very knowledgeable about our course content, but knowledgeable about how to engage the class in a way that facilitates genuine student interest and participation.”
    ~ Employee & Labor Relations Undergraduate Student, November 2017
  • ~ Owner, Restaurant Supply Company, November 2017
    “We’ve been very fortunate that for 13+ years we’ve grown our sales every year. The areas of Purchasing, Operations, Financials, Sales & Marketing have come naturally. The hardest part of running our business has been in the areas of Human Resources and compliance with government agencies. Between our General Manager and myself, we did not have the background to properly manage these areas. It was time to find some help. As a small business, we are not big enough to have an HR Department nor a Safety & Compliance Director. We brought Amy Cann on board as a consultant, and immediately gained the benefits of her expertise and guidance. I’m really happy to say that she has put us on the right track and now we have her services on a monthly retainer. I can’t say enough about the peace of mind that this has brought. It has allowed us to efficiently do the right things the right way and still allow us to keep growing our business. If you find that you are in a similar situation I highly recommend that you give Amy a call.”
    ~ Owner, Restaurant Supply Company, November 2017
  • ~ Employee & Labor Relations Undergraduate Student, November 2017
    “Professor Cann was incredible in responding to all my questions in a timely manner. I think she has a very strong knowledge of the information that is being taught so the message and delivery is very clear. It wasn’t by any means my favorite class, but Professor Cann did a great job.”
    ~ Employee & Labor Relations Undergraduate Student, November 2017
  • ~ HR Certification Exam Preparation Student, November 2017
    “Amy was always available for direction and guidance. She provided a wealth of information to help us in studying and preparing for the exam.”
    ~ HR Certification Exam Preparation Student, November 2017
  • ~ Dentist & Practice Owner, November 2017
    "As a busy professional with a growing dental practice, I’ve found that my business, while large enough to utilize a dozen employees, isn’t the size that would justify an HR department or even a dedicated Office Manager. My passion, of course, is providing dental care, so when necessary I’ve found it valuable to get help from outside services for tasks ranging from equipment repair to accounting and payroll. Still, I had always been left holding the bag for tricky situations where I may not want to let someone go, but DO want them to understand where they may be falling short of expectations and what improvements are needed. Amy Cann came into my office and did an excellent job assessing my needs and then working with me to provide appropriate materials for my employees so that everyone would be on the same page in terms of requirements for attendance, productivity and attitude. She did a lot of the heavy lifting in developing protocols in this regard, meeting with staff and leaving me free to focus on the parts of my job I enjoy most! I loved that fairly little of my time was needed. I’d highly recommend Human Resources ROI to any business owner who could use a hand in hiring, training, firing or retaining staff members. A big boost to my productivity and I literally sleep better at night. Thanks, Amy!"
    ~ Dentist & Practice Owner, November 2017
  • ~ Recruiting Manager, December 2017
    “I attended a Worker’s Compensation training seminar taught by Amy last week. Amy did a great job tailoring the material to address specific issues faced by the attendees, and making the information easy to understand. I always get the most out of a seminar when the instructor is passionate about the topic, and that is definitely true of Amy.”
    ~ Recruiting Manager, December 2017
  • ~ Director of Human Resources, Manufacturing Company, April 2018
    "We had Amy Cann provide leadership training for our new supervisor group and she did an excellent job tailoring the training to our needs and specific to our workforce. Amy was very accommodating and feedback was excellent."
    ~ Director of Human Resources, Manufacturing Company, April 2018

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